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ACO GM-X Galvanized Pipes

Basic characteristic

The ACO Marine GM-X push-fit pipe system is made from galvanised carbon steel and has an additional internal coating to protect against abrasion damage and minimise the risk of damage to the galvanic coating. The GM-X system is designed to be used in conjunction with the wide range of ACO fittings, drainage channels and scuppers allowing for the development of a complete tailored pipe system solution. Simple assembly and installation with reduced installation time provide a cost efficient solution compared to conventional flanged systems.

Advanced ACO production technologies and in-house galvanising plant at its dedicated facility in the Czech Republic ensure quality control is maintained across the complete production process.

Introduction / Material properties

Drain pipes and fittings are manufactured from welded, one-time cold-drawn precision steel pipe in accordance with DIN 2394. As a material, steel is practical properties:

  • unbreakable
  • dimensionally stable
  • heat and frost proof
  • favourable acoustic behaviour
  • non-combustible

Tensile strength

Rm 310-410 N/mm2

Elongation at break

A5 min. 28%

Thermal expansion

Acoustic behaviour

Sound measurements for discharge noise in built-in drain pipes produced results within the requirements of DIN 4109. The measured noise figure was below the permissible sound level. To further decrease discharge noise, and as an additional sound-proofing measure, rubber in-fills are fitted to the support brackets.

GM-X Socket/Seal/Tightness

The GM-X socket is a two-stage design. The seal is retained in the first stage of the second while the second stage centres the inserted pipe. The socket shape design enables solid, buckle-proof and rigid connection of pipes. Joint tightness is guaranteed between the pipe and the socket, without the risk of the seal being compressed by its own, or an outside load.

The GM-X seal is in the shape of a lip collar. It is inserted into the upper, first stage, socket chamber. When a pipe end is inserted, the sealing lips are forced against the inner wall of the seal housing and against the outer wall of the inserted pipe. The seal collar is located on the socket rim and ensures the seating of the seal when the pipe is pushed in. The sealing lips press more firmly against the pipe walls as fluid pressure rises, thus positively increasing the tightness of the joint.

The seal is manufactured as standard from an effluent-resistant grade (as per DIN 4060):
  • NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber)
  • SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber)
For special use areas seals can be supplied in the following grades on request:
  • CR (Neoprene)
  • Si (Silicon)
  • FKM (Viton)

Seal-tight Values

The following seal-tight values were determined for GM-X seal joints with securing clips and glued-on seals:

Pipe diameterOperation pressure
DN 4015 bar
DN 5015 bar
DN 705 bar
DN 805 bar
DN 1005 bar
DN 1254 bar
DN 1502 bar
DN 2001 bar

Deck and bulkhead penetrations with fitted flange

Deck and bulkhead penetrations with thick walled pipe

Vacuum installations/seal

To further enhance performance of the ACO PIPE system in extreme temperature or media conditions, the system can be fitted with sealing elements made of Viton or NBR – details available on request and subject to system verification with the client. Detailed information concerning the durability of seals and resistance to aggressive media are available from ACO Marine.