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ACO UV Deodorization Unit

Basic characteristic

  • ACO UV Deodorization unit is used for decomposing waste odour from waste water treatment plant, sludge tanks, collecting tanks or grey water tanks. It is often used for killing bacteriological or biological smell from natural processes
  • Deodorization units consist of active and passive elemets - UV lamps and photocatalytic sheets
    • Special mixture of granulated
      active carbon (GAC)
    • Zeolith (ZC), etc.
  • Pressure inside box is controlled and analyzed by differential pressure sensor on inlet side and outlet side. Pressure imbalance information is sent to operational crew.
  • Condensate which could occur on the bottom of unit is automatically drained through electronic solenoid valve.

Indication of Device Position

  1. Radial fan
  2. Clean air – outlet pipe
  3. Differential pressure sensor
  4. Filter chambers with special mixture of GAC + ZC
  5. UV lamps + photocatalytic sheets
  6. Waste air from tanks – intlet pipe
  7. VFD (Variable frequency drive)
  8. Solenoid valve for condensate drain
  9. Compensator hoses