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ACO Lint Filter Range for Laundry Installations

Basic characteristic

As an integral part of the Marine Wastewater Management system the ACO Lint Filter range is designed for installation at one or more laundry outlets.

The removal of lint fibres at source is critical to ensuring optimum performance of the downstream wastewater treatment plant. These can easily be affected by fibre build up on membrane and filter surfaces as well as the potential for blockage of pumps, valves and pipework.

The ACO Lint Filter Range (ALF) is offered as standard with single, double or triple washing machine inlets.

Each unit is fitted with an emergency overflow connection.

ACO Lint Filter range - Three Stage Fine Filtration for Marine Laundries

  • For use in larger scale on board laundry facilities
  • Removable filter basket(s)
  • Removable intermediate filter screen(s)
  • Surge flow and motion baffle
  • Integral 3rd stage fixed screen at outlet
  • Removable cover sections for inspection & cleaning
  • Available in either brushed AISI 316L stainless steel or ACO Durable Polymer Material (ACO PPFR Grey)
  • Bespoke solutions for larger capacity or increased number of drain inlets are available