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Merchant Vessel


Odense Steel Shipyard was contracted to build five “Emma Maersk” class container ships, a class of the largest Container Ships in the world and superseded only recently by the new ‘Triple E’ class. ACO Marine was selected as the supplier for stainless steel push-fit piping system. ACO Marine was tasked with the complete engineering, design, manufacturing and delivery of the stainless steel vacuum and drainage piping system. The system is the ACO Pipe AISI 316 stainless steel push-fit system.

Vessel description
The Elly Maersk is the last in the line of the “Emma Maersk” class of container ships. Along with her sister ships the Emma, Evelyn, Eleonora, Estelle and Ebba Maersk they were, until 2013, the largest Container Ships in the world.