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Grease Separator System

Basic characteristic

ACO Marine Grease Separators are proven products for Fats, Oil and Greases (FOG) removal from Galley water.

Galley water must first pass through a Grease Separator unit before entering any membrane wastewater treatmant plant as FOG´s can have an averse effect on membrane performance and life expectancy.


  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Hygienic material stainless steel AISI 316L or PE-HD
  • Rigid construction to withstand vessel movement and vibration
  • Resistant to organic solvents

ACO Lipatomat/Lipator - AISI 316L

  • Housing and lower section made of stainless steel, material grade AISI 316L

ACO Lipatomat/Lipator - PE-HD

  • Housing and lower section made of PE-HD

Operating Principles

By locating the inlet and outlets slightly above the separation chamber the resulting small hydrostatic pressure makes Lipator and Lipatomat Grease Separators the only units of their kind whose separation efficiency is completely unaffected by vessels movement and vibration. The grease accumulates in the upper cone whilst the sediment drops to the lower cone. The heating element located in the upper cone ensures the grease remains liquid. Clean water passes freely and continuously through the grease separator.

Accumulated sediment and grease is drained to independent collecting barrels fitted with level sensors which provide indication to the operator when they need to be emptied or replaced with exchange units. Grease and Sediment lift pumps as well as treated water lift station, can also be integrated into the system depending on installation requirements aboard the vessel.


TypeNSDNTotal WeightLargest single component
[kg]Diameter x Height [mm]Weight [kg]
LIPATOR 2100 130680 x 105085
4 100 3201380 x 80070
7 150 3201380 x 80070
10 150 5801830 x 60095
15 200 5951830 x 60095
LIPATOMAT 2 100 130680 x 105085
4 100 3201380 x 80070
7 150 3201380 x 80070
10 150 5801830 x 60095
15 200 5951830 x 60095


  • Small hydrostatic pressure with no free surface ensures that the separation process is unaffected by vessel movement and vibration.
  • The ACO patented internal design ensures flow velocity profiles through the separation chamber produce effective separation of grease and sediments even during periods of high demand.
  • Grease and sediment removal is fully automated on the Lipatomat range (manual on the Lipator).
  • No operator contact with grease and sediments.
  • Grease and sediment removal occurs without interrupting separator operation. No process down-time.
  • The separation technology ensures the greases and sediments are highly concentrated, only grease and sediments are disposed of with no surplus water; so often the case in conventional static systems.
  • Effective heating and short residence time within the separation chamber ensures that no grease is deposited on the chamber walls. Internal maintenance and cleaning is therefore reduced to an annual inspection only.

Grease Separator Lifting Stations

Sample of transfer system for pre-treated grey water.

A range of transfer system options (in lieu of collection barrels) are available for easier handling of separated sludge and grease from galley water.

Treated water lift station options are available for transfer of treated galley water to ships grey water collecting tanks when not located directly below the grease separator unit.

Design and configuration is developed on a ship-by-ship basis. For configuration options please contact us.