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Vacuum Generation Unit


Basic characteristic

The ACO PowerVAC vacuum pumping unit forms the centrepiece of the centralised vacuum toilet collection and transfer system. The ACO PowerVAC unit is designed to create a powerful vacuum within the vacuum line network to ensure an efficient and reliable sewage collection and transfer direct to a wastewater treatment plant, holding tank or to shore discharge.

The ACO PowerVAC improved design consists of one or more pumps connected directly to a wastewater treatment plant or holding tank without the need for a temporary collection reservoir.

The compact, close-coupled pump design provides a small footprint, which makes the unit ideal where space is limited.

The ACO PowerVAC unit is simple to install and service thanks to its compact and well thought-out Easy-to-Maintain design.

Process description

The ACO PowerVAC Vacuum Pump is a simple and efficient vacuum pump with an integrated macerator on the same shaft. The eccentrically positioned screw shaped impeller spins pumping water around the perimeter of the pump housing and that way it creates vacuum on the suction side and simultaneously pumps waste water from the vacuum sewage system.

The backflow flap on the suction side seals the vacuum sewage system within the time when the pump does not run.