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ACO kerb S/S

The stainless steel variant of ACO kerb can be designed to any building layout.

It is made from 2 mm thick plate of stainless steel (AISI 316), which is then welded on site to ensure integrity of the whole kerb system. ACO kerb S/S is filled with concrete, which makes it a very durable solution resilient to the strongest impacts.

Hygienic design is applied along the whole kerb construction, creating smooth corners which are easier to clean.

ACO kerb S/S - single side is suitable for new and refurbishment projects with resin or tiled floor.

ACO kerb S/S – double side is a custom made solution designed to be installed before the walls.

Find out more about ACO kerb S/S at:
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Benefits of ACO kerb system

  • Protects walls from impacts caused by machinery or other transport systems
  • Eliminates water ingress into the wall and leakage into other processing areas
  • Curved design prevents accumulation of soils and allows easy cleaning