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ACO ShowerDrain E+

ACO ShowerDrain E+ shower channel is equal to any technical or aesthetic challenges which exist in high-quality floor-level shower solutions.

Thanks to its shallow channel depth, this shower channel is suitable for use in both new build and renovation projects. This high performance channel also guarantees sufficient water drainage, even when used with powerful high-flow rate showers.

The height can be adjusted without the need to use tools and a factory-fitted sealing sleeve makes it easy to install. Special diffusion openings in the frame ensure that moisture in the tiled surface dries quickly.

Visual design options are virtually limitless. The shower channel is sold in three basic forms and can be combined with various designer gratings made from stainless steel or glass. A tiled cover option is also available along with a fire protection solution.

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ACO ShowerDrain C

ACO ShowerDrain C channels are perfect for use in large projects including hospitals, hotels and large private residences. This product perfectly combines modern design and functionality, and, like ACO gullies and gratings, is manufactured from high quality stainless steel. The foul air trap is made out of polypro­pylene. The steel parts are pickle passivated for optimum durability and the gratings are brushed to give a silk or gloss finish. The ACO ShowerDrain C is extremely popular with users thanks to its high flow rate, low channel depth and low maintenance requirements.

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ACO ShowerDrain S

Made from high quality stainless steel, ACO ShowerDrain S channels slot into flooring. This makes the channel less visible than conventional shower channel desigs and means it can work with any style of bath décor while delivering reliable drainage. The shower channel combines design and functionality in one product. Areas created from wood, ceramics, natural stone and glass are cleverly lit with a combination of artificial and natural lighting, bathroom equipment and technical elements are built almost invisibly into the overall bathroom design creating a technically and optically elegant solution. Slot channels are a key component of the architecture of an easy-access bathroom, an optically elegant solution, even going as far as a barely visible shower channel.

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ACO ShowerDrain B

Reliable technology in a new design. The ACO ShowerDrain B is ACO’s response to requests for a discount priced product for building merchants and distributors. The new shower channel is a simple but reliable solution which comprises a channel, pre-mounted gully and inlaying ‘slot’ grating. The combination of the proven stainless steel profile of the ACO ShowerDrain C and the permanently screwed plastic gully protects the floor structure from leakage. The permanently cast-on and surrounding flange supports the seal in the thin-bed method to protect the fabric of the building. ACO ShowerDrain B is also easy and flexible to handle.

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ACO ShowerDrain F

The ACO ShowerDrain F range can deal with a high flow rate and benefits from a low construction height/depthand easy mainte­nance. It comprises two parts: An ACO gully body with foul air trap, and a low height drainage channel and grating.

The gully is equipped with a flange, enabling a reliable connection with the wa­terproof membrane, and the channel and grating measure only 8mm in height.

The main advantage of the ACO ShowerDrain F range is that the channel and grating are the same height (or depth) as standard bathroom or shower tiles. This means that the channel position can be chosen when tiles are already being laid. There is a 10mm tolerance between the chan­nel and the gully in all four directions.

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