Vacuum Generation Units

ACO PowerVAC – Vacuum Generation Units

The ACO PowerVAC vacuum pumping unit forms the centrepiece of the centralised vacuum toilet collection and transfer system. The ACO PowerVAC unit is designed to create a powerful vacuum within the vacuum line network to ensure an efficient and reliable sewage collection and transfer direct to a wastewater treatment plant, holding tank or to shore discharge.
The ACO PowerVAC improved design allows a transfer of wastewater directly to a wastewater treatment plant or holding tank without the need for a temporary collection reservoir.
The compact, close-coupled pump design provides a small footprint which makes the unit ideal where space is limited.
The ACO PowerVAC unit is simple to install and service thanks to its compact and well thought-out Easy-to-Maintain design.

Efficient & flexible vacuum generation units for marine applications

  • Designed for vacuum toilet, black water collection systems & wastewater transfer
  • Powerful vacuum generating and two-phase wastewater/air pumping unit
  • Robust & reliable pump design with close coupled electric drive.
  • High quality pump materials & cartridge type mechanical seal system.
  • Pumps are designed according to the easy-to-maintain principle. Easy access to the pumping elements, wear parts and sealing system by simply removing the ‘wet end’ pump cover
  • Bespoke specifications are available on request to match on-board requirements.