Vacuum Generation and Transfer Units


ACO PowerVAC – Vacuum Generation Units

The ACO PowerVAC vacuum pumping unit forms the centrepiece of the centralised vacuum toilet collection and transfer system. The ACO PowerVAC unit is designed to create a powerful vacuum within the vacuum line network to ensure efficient and reliable wastewater collection and transfer.

The positive displacement pumping principle allows a transfer of wastewater directly to a wastewater treatment plant or holding tank without the need for a temporary collection reservoir. The compact, close coupled pump design provides a small footprint which makes the unit ideal where space is limited. The ACO PowerVAC unit is simple to install and service thanks to its compact and well thought-out Easy-to-Maintain design.

The ACO PowerVAC unit creates a strong vacuum suction lift and pumps effluent direct to a wastewater treatment plant, holding tank or to shore discharge.

Transfer Units

Often there is a requirement in wastewater systems to pump treated water between ship tanks or overboard. This can require high discharge height capabilities of up to 40 meters. ACO PowerVAC transfer stations using the rotary-lobe pumping principle, have powerful electric drives to meet the most demanding of discharge requirements.

Process description
The pump head provides two intermeshed rotors which are each fixed to a gear driven shaft. The shafts rotate in opposite directions. The rotating motion of the rotors creates an expanding cavity on the suction side which maintains a strong under-pressure at the inlet of the pump. Wastewater enters and fills the suction side of the pump. The rotors carry the liquid around the housing to the discharge side where it is expelled out of the pump by the closing cavity.

The PowerVAC units are self-priming and insensitive to dry-running and foreign objects. Therefore there is no requirement for macerating of wastewater in front of the pump which can improve the solid separation process in downstream treatment systems aboard the vessel.

Operating Data of Sewage Transfer Units

PowerVAC Nominal  Power Voltage Water capacity up to Max. differential head up to
Type kW Volts m3/h meters
50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz
PV120 3.0 3.5 400 460 13.0 15.6 40 40
PV225 4.0 4.6 400 460 18.5 22.2 40 40

Efficient & flexible vacuum generation & sewage transfer units for marine applications

  • Designed for vacuum toilet, black water collection systems & wastewater transfer
  • Powerful vacuum generating and two-phase wastewater/air pumping unit
  • Different models and pump capacities available including high-head wastewater transfer pump options.
  • Robust & reliable pump design with close coupled electric drive.
  • High quality pump materials & cartridge type mechanical seal system.
  • Pumps are designed according to the easy-to-maintain principle. Easy access to the pumping elements, wear parts and sealing system by simply removing the ‘wet end’ pump cover
  • Bespoke specifications are available on request to match on-board requirements.